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Malířka Daniela Horynová
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Croatian Naive Art – Painting on glass

Naive Art History

Academic painter Krsto Hegedusic started naive art in former Yugoslawia in the thirties of last century. He was attracted by paintings on food paper bags by son of a local vendor, Ivan Generalic - later on he became one of the most famous naive art painters. So Krsto Hegedusic began to teach basics of art work to several village young men.
Naive art is an old folk art tradition showing mainly ancient country life, beautiful countryside as well as poetic still life.

Unique in the world – PAINTING ON GLASS !!!

How did painting on glass developed? Painters naturally did paint on canvas, however it was quite expensive and they had to travel to far Zagreb to get it. But glass was easy to get.

And why is this technique so unique? Painter covers the back side of the glass with paints. So very important is the sequencing of colour layers. Moreover painter paints in a „mirror way“. This technique is very time nad hard work demanding. However resultant effect of the picture is really worth it. By the unification of colours and glass, the painting gets inexpressibly vivid and fruity look. In the proper light paintings create a unique experience.

Daniela Horynova

born in 1948 in cancer zodiac. Constellation of planets was most favorable to this woman. It endowed her with artistic gift as well as with the sense of detail and hearty dose of patience.

Unique painting technique – painting on glass, she fell in love with since her artistic start of, accompanies her for almost 30 years. Daniela and her late husband Slavko Horyna of Croatian origin mostly loved to paint on glass in the atmosphere of small Croatian villages. Thanks to their countryside wandering they created amazing works with still life, flowers and working villagers motifs.

Distinctive artist exhibited in many exhibitions and galleries not only in Czech Republic (by the way Naturalistic Museum of Prague bought part of her painting collection) but also in Croatia and mainly in Germany. Her paintings decorate homes of Naive Art and glasspainting lovers all over the world, above all in South and North America, France, Sweden and Japan.

We hope that her paintings will hold your interest and that will bring joy to your sight and soul.




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